Benefits of ezVote Technology Features - The KINSHIP Option

by , 7/14/2017

ezVote has once again proved, that by choosing their online voting system, you are choosing a trusted provider of electronic voting solutions.

This electronic voting system is primarily designed to accommodate the voting needs of many different membership organizations, clubs, and businesses. Apart from providing resources and technology for conducting a successful election, ezVote makes sure your elections are fully managed every single time. By developing new technology features such as “the Kinship option”, the voters may be at peace and always elect their leaders with confidence. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of the kinship option – a new feature that allows sub-grouping.

The Kinship Option - One Household, One Vote

ezVote's electronic voting system is improved and further developed by IT professionals and security experts every day. We have just completed working on the security of our system by linking the ballots directly to the unique credentials of individual members in order to ensure the integrity of our client’s election can never be compromised. First, we have thought that the integrity of an election can only be properly preserved if we follow the “One Person, One Vote” doctrine. Originally, this principle requires electoral districts to be divided and allocated according to the population, assuming that each district is equal in population. Seemingly, this principle sounds entirely fair and legitimate and easy to comply with. However, since our electronic voting system is primarily used by many different groups and organizations (such as clubs, fraternities, charities, PTAs, civic organizations, homeowners associations and similar) the doctrine “One Person, One Vote” must be used in a different way to actually ensure one voter gets only one vote.

Our new feature, named One Household, One Vote - the Kinship option, allows sub-grouping, meaning you, as our client, can sub-group your voters into households, vendors, and other groups. If you group all your members into households, during the election, only one voter from that sub-group will be able to cast a ballot. The remaining voters from that subgroup will be locked out. This is important because many organizations have multiple members on the books from any given group. Allowing all of them to cast a ballot can compromise the integrity of your elections. For example, an HOA may have emails of several household members, but you may not know which of those voters is the primary voter. By ensuring that a family, household or business group only gets one vote in your election, we have indeed abided by the “One Person, One Vote” doctrine the right way.

How to Use the Kinship Option?

This option is very easy to use. All you need to do is to enable the feature, so only one voter of any given group is allowed to cast a ballot in the name of that group. The person who is able to cast a vote must be an eligible, primary voter. We have designed the system to prevent any possible ballot errors and ensure our online voting platform provides you better quality and more reliable results. Our system will record ballots and tallies votes as they are cast, and allow the administrators to track the elections by accessing real-time metrics and observe the progress of the voting. As you can see, our electronic voting system is very fast, entirely safe, and very easy to use. Besides the qualities we have mentioned, our system in now also designed to be more cost-effective. Since we charge per eligible voter, by using the kinship option and allowing only one eligible person per subgroup to vote, you can significantly reduce your costs.