Member Benefits of Online Voting and Polling

by , 4/9/2016

Online voting can be just as valuable to members as it is to managers and administrators.

We put a lot of effort into communicating the value of online voting to administrators, researchers, and election managers. The savings on postage alone is usually reason enough for most clubs and organizations to consider online voting and try out our sample ballot. Still, as convenient as online voting is for administrators, it has tremendous benefits for members as well.

Member Benefits Overview

  • CONVENIENCE: ezVote combines email communication with a simple, mobile-responsive web interface to make the voting process practical and convenient for the voting member. When it's time to vote, the voter receives a direct link to his/her ballot via email. And ezVote allows voters to save their ballots as they go, so they can fill out a portion, then pick up later where they left off.
  • EASE: We've spent countless hours developing the friendliest, most simple to understand ballot layout anywhere on the internet. Our ballots are easy to read and fill out on desktop and mobile, and we also provide audio instructions at critical steps in the polling process.
  • SPEED: Online voting is the fastest way to tally and certify election results. As soon as the election or poll is closed, the results can be certified and made available to members; no waiting for the election board to count and recount the ballots by hand.
  • ACCURACY: Our automated election management system virtually eliminates the possibility of election tampering and human error. Members can feel confident that their votes have been received and counted fairly.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY: Online voting is the most secure way to cast a ballot or respond to a survey. ezVote elections can be configured so even election managers are unable to see how individual members voted. A secure, confidential ballot effectively curbs voter intimidation, pressure, bribery, and other types of election fraud.

Easier, more transparent elections translate to greater participation and higher member engagement

We're continuing to find ways to make ezVote more practical and convenient for the administrator. Ultimately, though, the goal is to make the voting process as simple and enjoyable as possible for the voter. Because, if the voter is pleased with the service, it reflects well upon us and upon our clients. If the voting process is easy and fun, there's a good chance more members will participate in annual elections. And higher member participation in elections is an excellent way to develop greater overall member engagement in an organization.

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