New Online Ballot Feature: Delegate Distributed Voting

by , 3/11/2016

By popular request, we've added a new feature to our online voting platform that gives organizations even more power to conduct effective paperless elections.

What Is Delegate Distributed Voting?

Rather than hold open elections, some organizations choose to elect or appoint delegates, who then cast their votes in a closed election for the organization's officers. Depending on the organization's by-laws, delegates may be permitted to cast more than one vote in an election. These votes may be pledged all to one candidate, or distributed among multiple candidates at the delegate's discretion. This process is similar to the way our nation's major political parties choose their nominees for the presidential election every four years.

How Does ezVote Handle Distributed Voting?

Here at ezVote, we've developed a simple solution that allows election managers to assign a chosen number of votes to their delegates. Through a simple, easy-to-use interface (see question #7), delegates then award their votes to the candidate or candidates of their choosing.

For example, let's say a trade association has allotted three votes to each of its voting delegates, and there are five candidates on the ballot for the board of directors. When a delegate logs into his or her ezVote ballot, the delegate will have the option of casting three votes for one candidate, one vote for each of three candidates, or any combination of three votes between two candidates.

Delegate distributed voting. Just another way we make online elections safe, fast, easy. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think!


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