Primary Day in Maryland Delaware Pennsylvania

by , 4/25/2016

April 26 Is Primary Day In MD, PA, DE, CT, And RI. Please Do Your Civic Duty.

No tech tips or opinions on member relations or organizational management today. We have one simple message for you: VOTE.

If you are a registered member of a political party, today is your day to choose your delegates to your national convention, and to voice your support for presidential and congressional candidates. Here at ezVote, we don't care what your political affiliation is, how long you have been registered, or who you support. All we ask of our friends and colleagues in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, is that you do your civic duty and participate in the democratic process.

To find your polling place, please use any of these resources:

Please share this appeal with friends, family, and members of your professional network.

Jim & Mike


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