Pros and Cons of Electronic Voting

by , 2/13/2017

Technology is developing every day,

and it was just a matter of time when we would finally be able to vote online. Although online voting seems a bit suspicious to some people, this electronic system is more reliable than the conventional system we are using now. A modern man should keep an open mind about the groundbreaking technology and possibilities that online voting can bring to millions of people across the US. Even though online voting has been available to us for a few years and it can change political elections in the future, the issue of whether we should use it or not is still in debate. New technologies always bring new challenges, fears and doubts that we could easily overcome if we just decide to give it a try. Are you wondering if digital democracy is possible? Read on to familiarize yourself with the possibilities of online voting and its benefits and drawbacks. We hope this article we’ll give you enough insight to finally find out whether electronic voting could forward us into a new age.

Benefits of Online Voting

Did you know that reality shows get more votes than certain political elections? The reason behind this is that political election in the US requires voters to travel to the polls and vote in person. TV reality shows allow online voting, making it easier for the people to vote from the comfort of their homes. So, we can conclude that the biggest advantage of online voting is convenience. For every person who has access to a smart phone or computer, voting only requires a few clicks. In the US, almost every person has one or more computers (and smartphones) as well as access to the Internet, making electronic online voting possible. This method of voting is also very convenient because it eliminates the need for transportation and postage on paper ballots. A quality electronic voting system would allow people to forego the usual hurdles for casting a vote, and increases election participation.

Cons: Is Election Tampering Possible?

The biggest issue people are afraid of when it comes to online voting is election tampering. The fact is, where there is internet access, there is the possibility of viruses and malware. The internet is a very vast network that requires a lot of expertise, time and money to successfully monitor and disable all possible security threats. Political voting would be very tricky because even the smallest security flaw could be exploited, causing severe damage and consequences. Hackers could tamper with election results. Online voting makes it very hard to ensure 100% safety.

However, many people aren’t familiar with technology that could eliminate the drawbacks we have mentioned above. Thanks to IT professionals and the development of block-chain technology, we can solve issues like election tampering, decreased voting accuracy, and disenfranchisement.

Organize an Online Election Today

It is the fact that even though we have groundbreaking technology and improved reliable every day, we still can’t rely on online voting for public elections. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t make our lives easier and organize online elections for trade associations and professional organizations, country clubs, fraternities and sororities, schools, churches, charities, service organizations, corporations and the like. We are aware that managing and taking care of an organization requires much time and hard work. So, you should at least make your elections easy. Online voting providers like ezVote can give you what you need to conduct a quality research and elect your leaders safely, accurately and with confidence.

ezVote is a family business that was been established when the owners were looking for a better way to choose the annual slate of officers for their golf and country club. With the help of IT professionals, they have developed a reliable online voting system that is easy to use, practical and secure. This company has helped hundreds of communities and trade associations across the US to hold reliable, faster, more economical and safe elections. Every day, they work to address and solve the challenges that come with online voting platforms and always keep their system up to date.

There is no need to fear fraudulent paper ballots because this system uses the most trusted and accurate way to elect leaders. Ballots are linked to credentials provided by your members, and we make sure that there is only one ballot per voter. The election dashboard gives the administrator access to real-time metrics and makes sure the integrity of your election is not jeopardized. To vote, you just need an internet connection. You can vote using your phone or computer quickly and with ease.

Besides conducting an online voting, ezVote system can be used for polls, surveys and conducting marketing research, making your organization stronger. Reach out to your members give them a better option for voting – use ezVote!


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