Remote Voter Authentication For Online Elections

by , 7/13/2016

A practical solution for maintaining voter confidentiality in third-party managed elections

For the majority of our clients' online elections, ezVote handles voter authentication through our secure servers in order to ensure accurate, transparent results. This is mainly because many small homeowners associations and country clubs lack the infrastructure or human resources to maintain a secure online web portal for their members. Larger organizations, such as financial institutions, alumni clubs, and professional associations, typically have their own methods of authenticating users, and often maintain confidentiality agreements that prevent them from sharing members' personal information with third parties.

If your organization falls into the latter category, ezVote offers remote voter authentication. At election time, voters log in and verify their identities through your website or intranet. Once verified, each voter receives a secure, user-specific link to his individual ballot on the ezVote web server. Once the user has completed and submitted his or her ballot, the server records the selections and closes the ballot. Remote authentication enables businesses and organizations with their own security programs to take full advantage of ezVote's convenience and economy while safeguarding their members' personal information.

For more information, please read about all of our authentication methods, or contact our office for a consultation.


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