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There are associations & clubs that have already made the move to online voting for board elections and policy polls. But before you decide to institute voting in cyberspace, consider some key issues.

Some clubs & associations are well ahead on the issue of voting using the internet. Thanks to security improvements and other enrichments over the last several years, many clubs & and associations have streamlined the voting process by moving it online.

The chances are that not all your members are computer knowledgeable or have easy access to the internet. So now you need to decide if online voting right for your club or association. Read on to determine if you're ready to make the leap.

There is no doubt that clubs & associations depend on an active member base to stay vibrant. A main way that members stay involved is through the power of the ballot. Whether it's a board election or a poll on a new policy, voting gives members a chance to shape their associations' future.

State law: This could describe how your organization is allowed to vote. Electronic ballots, or internet based methods may or may not be included. They may require internal procedures to allow electronic voting.

Bylaws: Check your clubs rules and bylaws which might specifically list permitted ways for carrying out elections and managing vote tallies. Lastly, if it appears that online voting would be a good fit for a club or association, a secure process should be established.

Online elections are becoming more and more popular with clubs & associations. So before signing up for a internet based voting system, you need to do due diligence to determine if you can make the move to an online voting system.

Now are you ready for an online voting system?