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Proxy Managers & Paper Ballots

There may be some members who do not have computer access. You may send them paper ballots via the postal service. Have them mail their completed ballots back to your organization. A proxy manager will enter all of the mailed-in paper ballots into the ezVote website.
Proxy Managers are trusted staff members designated to open the paper ballot and input the information from the paper ballot to the ezVote website. The proxy does the physical voting for the member online. Safeguards are in place to prevent double voting.

Track the Vote

Your managers can see who has voted at any time, except for ballots using the highest levels of security.

One Household, One Vote - The KINSHIP Option

Some organizations have several members on the books from any given household/group. Yet that group (Family/Household/Business) is only allowed to get ONE vote in your election.

By using the 'Kinship' option, you enable the feature so that only the first voter from that group to mark their ballot as 'Completed' will be able to cast the ballot for that group.

Note that we usually charge by the 'Eligible Voter'.
With the Kinship option, we reduce your cost because only ONE voter per group is considered eligible.

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