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On-Line voting by your Members will ultimately benefit your Organization

Common Misconceptions

Change is often met with anxiety. There is always some hesitation & concern when facing new technologies that replace long held election practices. Some members believe that process changes would be detrimental to the organization.

The following are some common misunderstandings about changing old balloting practices to an On-Line voting system:

Misconception #1:

“Running our election a different way, like voting on-line, will dramatically change the face of the board and the operations of our organization.”

The Reality: Running a best-practice election using an on-line ballot will enhance your organization by building member trust and increasing member engagement.

Misconception #2:

“If we do not hold our election on-site, it will ruin our annual meeting.”

The Reality: Broadening your election to facilitate full membership participation will ultimately benefit your organization. In addition, you'll reduce the stress of having to run an election during the annual meeting. Intead, you can use the annual meeting to acclaim your success!

Misconception #3:

“We’ve never had an issue with the way we run elections, so it must be fine.”

The Reality: You haven’t had a problem ... yet.
Proper governance of on-line election voting is one of the best ways to avoid lawsuits.