E-Consent (OPT-IN) Campaigns

people handing in forms

If your state requires your voters to OPT-IN to online voting,
ezVote can make it easy for you & your voters!

Some states (especially Florida) require that all voters receive a 'Paper Ballot' unless they OPT-IN (Consent) to On-Line Voting.

By opting-in, these voters do not require you to send them a paper ballot, thus reducing your election costs. The more voters that consent, the more money you save!

ezVote can simplify this process for you and your voters with our E-Consent Campaign. Simply put, you provide us with your list of voters, we send them an Invitation email to *Consent to Online Voting*, they click on the 'CONSENT NOW' button, and they're done. This process is legal and has been used by hundreds of HOAs & COAs in Florida. It checks a few boxes including: verifying that the voter's email is correct, getting their consent to online voting, and verifying that the voter can 'authenticate on the voting system at least 14 days prior to the election' (see Section 1.b above).

For audit purposes, we keep a log of every consenting voter login. We also store your consented voter list for your account, which is good for all ballots in the future. Their consent is good forever, and voters do NOT have to consent every year, nor do they have to consent for each and every ballot. Voters can, of course, request to remove their consent at any time.

For those voters for which you do NOT have an email address, we provide you a simple link for you to publish. Those voters can follow that link and fill out a simple form (Name, Property Address, Email Address) which will allow you to collect not only their consent, but also their current email address.

There's no need for you to re-invent this particular wheel, and we can do all of this without printing a single piece of paper.

Please contact us for more information on how ezVote can save you TONS of time & money with our E-Consent Campaign at support@ezVoteOnline.com.