Write-in Answers & Nomination Polling

Our write-in solution is elegant and complete. You may allow your voters to write-in their own candidates, or choose from the list of candidates you already have. Write-in votes are counted automatically along with all of the pre-specified candidates. The same feature can be used to poll for nominations. Simply ask your voters who they would like to nominate and they can fill in their own answer.

Candidate Biography page

A downloadable bio or platform page can be attached to each candidate in the online ballot. Your voters can have all the pertinent data for each candidate to make an informed decision.

Candidate Photo

You can attach a photograph to each candidate. This will allow your voters to recognize your candidates.

Voting Period - Open & Close Dates

Set the voting period to the times that are appropriate for your organization. The on-line system will automatically allow voting only during that period.

Results Reporting

Once the voting period is complete, you will be notified that the ballot results are available.
Results are available instantaneously and are calculated in real-time.

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