Email Privacy

We do not send unsolicited emails to your members.
We do not sell or distribute your members' emails.

We make our money on providing elections on-line, NOT by selling your data.

Nobody, including us, likes getting spam email. We're doing our part to keep voter email addresses off the market!

Complete Security

During the process of conducting a vote, we will ask for voters' email address for authentication, so that you can be assured that only the people you want voting on your ballot can vote.

Depending on the Voter Registration type you select:

  • Public - Anonymous,
  • Public - Anonymous with Info collection,
  • Mixed Public/Private Vote, or
  • Private Vote

we will store your voters' email addresses.

When the Voting Period begins, YOU will send them an email containing a Ballot Link telling them where they can go to vote. We will provide that Ballot Link for you.

When a voter wants to start their ballot, they follow that Ballot Link to our website, where they must authenticate themselves. For 'Public - Anonymous' elections, authentication isn't necessary.

Voter Authentication

For 'Mixed Public/Private Voting' or 'Private Voting', authentication is required. Using the “Login via Email / Verify Me” option, voters will enter their email address. An email is sent to that address to verify that that person is who they claim to be. This email will contain a login link to click to begin their ballot.

Upon completing their ballot, they may request an email receipt of their ballot answers.

By default, ezVote does NOT publish your results. However, you have the option to allow your voters to get results from us, during or after the election, or even after some pre-designated waiting period ('Report Period'). Voters must opt-in to be notified by email when the voting results are available for viewing.


For all Voter Registration types, you may “pre-register” your voters. WE WILL NOT CONTACT THOSE VOTERS FOR YOU!

For the 'Private Vote' type, this pre-registration feature allows you to specify (by email address) those people who are allowed to vote.

For 'Public' voting, anybody with the Ballot Link can vote on your ballot without being pre-registered.