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ezVote now offers formidable and easy to use features
that take the time, cost and complexity out of holding elections.

On-line and paper ballots

Hybrid voting enables you to include both voters with and without computers to participate in the voting process.

Secure Voting Tallies

Eliminates electoral fraud! You decide to whom and when the tallies get reported.

We provide certified results and an auditable voting process. Allowing ezVote to manage the election also provides clarity in the organization's management. Your members will be assured of the election's integrity when they know that your organization has had no influence over the voting process or outcome.

As the election administrator, YOU choose the “Security Level” for your election.

Simple to set up

Through the use of our simple Set-up Manager, you can set up a vote in minutes. All ballot parameters, such as the voting period and security levels, are specified by your initial setup. The ballot parameters can be changed up until the voting period begins.

Simple to launch

To start the voting process, simply post a Ballot Link (which we provide for you) on your website for you voters to follow, and / or send them an email with the link.

Ranked Choice Voting / Preferential Voting

ezVote offers Ranked Choice Voting (or Preferential Voting). There are many methods available to tally ranking ballots, including Condorcet, Borda, STV, Meek, just to name a few, with variations on every theme.
ezVote can break down those methods, help you determine which method is best for your organization, and provide the results of your election using whichever method you choose. We even offer a side-by-side comparison of your results so that you can feel comfortable in your decision.

More Features & Benefits...