Fully Managed Elections

Why have us manage your election?

(1) You don’t have the time or personnel.
(2) You want to mitigate election fraud from within your ranks.

By hiring us to conduct your election at “arms length”, you will be able carry on your day-to-day work knowing that your election is safe, secure and monitored with 24x7 support for your voters.

Your election will be set up and conducted by us. We offer phone & email support for you and your voters.

Just like a Hybrids election, your voters will be able to cast their ballots both on-line and with paper ballots that we send to those without email accounts. Their responses are phoned in or mailed back to us and we record them, combining their votes with internet votes. Most importantly, you are removed from the hassle and responsibility of managing the voting process.

To request a quote for a Fully Managed Election, contact us at support@ezVoteOnline.com.