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Online Voting Interest from Member Organizations

With such a large percentage of people involved in online activities these days, it’s the perfect time for member organizations to move their elections online. Consider the following:

  • More than ever, elections and voting efforts are vital to member associations.
  • A large proportion of organization members have access to the Internet and are familiar with online applications.
  • Increased participation is an important objective.
  • Organizations are challenged with finding ways to reduce the cost of voting, and at the same time, increase participation.

Five Steps to Successful Online Elections

When planning an online election for a member organization, you will go through the following five-step planning process:

  1. Election Ballot Development
  2. Creating a Voter Database
  3. Generating Election Invitations
  4. Ensuring Security
  5. Results and Reporting

Election Progress:

The election development phase is when an organization specifies the scheme and logistics of its voting event. During election development, the organization establishes a plan that covers:

  • A Voting method
  • Issues & Candidates on the ballot
  • Configuration of the online ballot
  • Applicable information to include on the ballot
  • Member cognizance strategy
  • Polling open and close times & dates
  • Results announcement time & date