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When managers contemplate elections, they concern themselves with several factors:


Elections can become your staff’s main focus, lowering the priority of your day-to-day operations and monopolizing staff resources. When this happens, you might consider outsourcing the election process, which could get expensive.

Instead, use ezVoteOnline to setup simple and inexpensive On-Line Ballots, and the work that used to be done by many can be accomplished by a few staff members, while at the same time, reducing your election costs.


Elections can sometimes raise provocative and fervent issues for those involved. Voter fraud and election tampering can be devastating to an organization. Counting ballots by hand can often lead to mistakes & re-counts!

Is your organization protected in case of an election mistake? Conducting your ballot through ezVote can protect your organization from any challenges or costly recounts. We provide certified results and an auditable voting process. Allowing ezVote to manage the election also provides clarity in the organization’s management. Your members will be assured of the election’s integrity when they know that your organization had no influence over the voting process or outcome.

Membership Involvement

Are enough members participating in the election?
Elections are all about involvement, so take advantage of the opportunity to connect with as many of your members as possible. Using ezVoteOnline could possibly increase your election response that might not be possible with in-house resources.

Ballot Expenses

To find out exactly how much your paper election costs, chart your election process and calculate expenses like: employee time, CPA & attorney fees, travel costs, materials (including paper, postage, return-postage and event space. Don't forget the opportunity cost of staff time that could be better spent implementing new initiatives. Now to determine the savings, call us at 301-775-1908, or email us at and we’ll send you a written quote that you can compare with your current costs. Talk to your leaders and learn about their concerns regarding elections. After that, identify any issues associated with your organization's voting process. By identifying their issues, you can begin forming an ezVote solution that best fits the goals of your management team.