This feature is intended for our Clients with *many* voters and low participation rates.

This page defines the feature 'On-The-Fly Registration', and the values that are passed to ezVote from your website, allowing on-the-fly registrations for your voters. This is a very powerful feature, designed to make it easy for our clients and their voters, while keeping your expenses down.

By using on-the-fly registrations, you do not have to pre-register your voters with ezVote. (You are still required to purchase enough ballots for all potential voters, either with a Single Ballot purchase or with an Annual Subscription.)

This feature requires your voters to login (authenticate) on *YOUR* website instead of the ezVote website. Once they have successfully logged in to your website, you will provide them with a link or a submit-button that will launch them into the ezVote website, automatically create their voter record, and drop them directly into their ballot. The whole process takes less than a second.

Regardless of which method you provide your voters (link or button), you must include parameters specific to each voter. For URL links, those parameters must be included in the URL. For submit button, those parameters must be included as 'hidden' inputs.

If you don't know how to create those links or buttons on your website, or how to include the required parameters, you'll need to provide this information to your website programmer.

OTFR1: the email address of the voter | test | demo

OTFR2: that ballot code for your particular ballot

OTFR3: MD5 hash of the concatenated strings:
OTFR1-parameter, OTFR2-parameter, your Secret_Key

OTFR4: Voter Full Name (First Last) (optional)

OTFR5: Weight (optional)

OTFR6: Kinship group (optional)

OTFR7: HOA ID # (optional)