computer safe inside castle walls

With ezVote Security, you'll never have to worry about your elections!

Server and Site Security

ezVote partners with a webhost provider called

With the caveat that no server in the world is perfectly secure, LiquidWeb uses two layers of firewalls protecting content and content management features.

A third layer of firewalls protects against failed password attempts, banning hacker attempts with temporary or permanent blocks. All administrative accounts are password protected and SSL is used to secure their connections to the website content and database servers. Connection times are limited, forcing administrators to re-authenticate after some period of inactivity.

LiquidWeb also only uses proven and secure operating systems for their servers, not always the most recent versions which are known to be the least vetted.

LiquidWeb is on the forefront of webhosting security, and you can be assured that LiquidWeb and ezVote are diligent in securing your ballot data and voter information.