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Repeat Voting or 'Changing my Ballot'

Repeat voting is another optional feature. This enables voters to return and change their ballots an unlimited number of times during the voting period. A voters' ballot is only counted once, regardless of the number of times they change it. Repeat voting can be disabled by setting the security level to 'Single chance'.

Team Administration

You can appoint several people to be part of your vote administration support team. These people will have access to the online Manager and features associated with their granted level of permission. Managers can be added or removed as necessary.

  • Owner Manager - Full access to the organization information, their ballot setup and the votes
  • Setup Manager - Allowed to setup/modify the ballot
  • Proxy Manager - Permitted to enter/change ballots for voters
  • Results Manager - Only permitted to view ballots results

When an organization registers (that is, creates a new group on ezVote) that person becomes the Owner. They have the ability to create their Administrative Team, and add more managers.