ezVote Online Balloting - Technology

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Ballot creation and setup has never been easier than with ezVoteOnline.

Intuitive and Simple

The web based ezVote Manager is intuitive with easy-to-navigate menus and mouse-over instructions. We allow you to select a Registration Type and a Security Level that works best for your ballot.

Ballot Registrations

During the ballot setup process, we will supply a 'Ballot Link'. Your Election Manager will send this Ballot Link to your voters via email or Facebook, or post it on your website. Voters will start the voting process with that link. The Registration Type you select will dictate who can vote on your ballot.

We offer three different voter registration methods:

  • Private Vote Only pre-registered voters may cast a ballot. Voter authentication is required.
  • Public - Anonymous
    Anybody with the Ballot Link may vote. Voter authentication is optional.
  • Public - Anonymous with optional info collection
    Anybody with the Ballot Link may vote. Voter authentication is optional. You have the ability to ask your voters for additional (mandatory or optional) information (name, phone, etc.)
  • Mixed Public/Private
    Anybody with the Ballot Link may vote. Voter authentication is required.

'Pre-Registration' is a step in the ballot setup process that allows your election managers to specify a list of authorized voters prior to the voting period. You may pre-register your voters under any of the registration methods.

Email Authentication

Secure authentication of your voters is our primary mission. Ballot security is your primary goal! To ensure voter authenticity and ballot security, we validate your voters by their email account.

  • One-Link Authentication
  • Login via Email authentication (VerifyMe)
  • Login with Email address & Password
  • Login with Email address & Member ID
  • Login with Email address & NRDS ID Number (for Realtors)
  • Remote Authentication Method
  • On-The-Fly Registration
  • Login via Email authentication (VerifyMe) with Password option
  • Login with Email/Password -or- via Email authentication
  • Login with Email/Member_ID -or- via Email authentication

    Double Authentication
  • Login via Email + Password authentication -AND- Email Account Authentication
  • Login via Email + Member-ID authentication -AND- Email Account Authentication

See complete descriptions of the Authentication Options.

Please read our Email Policy for a complete description of voter privacy.

Security Levels

Security is essential for a fair and unbiased ballot outcome. Ballot privacy and confidentiality are of paramount importance to your organization. We offer several “Security Levels” providing you with extreme versatility for your election needs.

Single Chance Voting

Single Chance voting is an option that will allow or prevent your voters from changing their ballot after they mark it as 'Completed'.

Automated Vote Counting

All ballots are counted automatically by our computers in real time.
Depending on your selected 'Security Level', ballot results are available throughout the voting period or only at the end of the voting period. Selecting the proper security level will allow your appointed Election Manager to view the live counts of the online ballots.
We also show you how many people have voted. If you've specified quorum counts, we'll let you know if the quorum has been satisfied.

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