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Online Voting Systems are for:
HOA’s * COA's * Membership organizations * Professional Associations *
Student governments * Trade Associations * Municipalities * Unions

Membership Organizations

A membership organization is a broad term for a group or body which has members. Examples would be country clubs and member governed organizations that could use an electronic ballot for polls or elections. Even Ninjas on a beach...

Student Governments

Many colleges, universities, and high schools could benefit by using internet voting.


In some membership organizations, membership is fully the exclusive choice of the prospective member, with the organization accepting anyone willing to join. In such choices, willingness to pay membership dues is often a primary criterion of membership, although other conditions, such as willingness to participate or to work on behalf of the organization may also be de facto conditions of membership. In most of these situations, an online voting or polling system has advantages.

Immediately after the conclusion of the voting period, you can review your ballot results. Results will be automatically sent to those voters who opt-in, at the time you designate.


Many cities, villages, neighborhoods have reason to conduct voting online or polling online.


Nearly all unions conduct voting for officers, board of director members and contract ratifications. Internet voting simplifies these activities.