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1. Election of Two (2) Executive Board Members

The Applecross Country Club Master Board has two (2) open seats for the 2023 election. Listed below are the candidates who have submitted their names for the current Board openings.

Choose no more than 2
Mother of three and CEO at her home-grown business, now over 200 employees!

BIO/Resume PDF file
John has been with our community for 10 years.
He is also an executive with the IBM corporation, where he:
Established new Marketing Department after serving as business/marketing consultant for company that specializes in solutions for integrated architectural and structural building systems. Streamlined divisions and saved company money by creating and developing corporate business plan and marketing plan. Reorganized division into profit after it had posted three years of losses by focusing staff to standardize bidding protocols in jobs greater than $100K and reduce emphasis on smaller jobs. Manage corporate marketing department and sales staff for three divisions!

Increased sales by 20 percent by focusing on margin differentials in underachieving markets. Developed plan for acquiring new company and added $15 million to annual sales. Initiated entire Web site, marketing, and sales portfolio that produced informational and selling tools for sales staff, resulting in increased sales and greater time-management efficiency for staff. Consulted and mentored employees for master’s-level education programs.

Bill has served on the BOD 3 times over the past 20 years.

Famous Radio & TV personality.

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