Online Voting For Trade Associations

Nearly a third of all Americans who volunteer their time do so through a charitable or trade organization ( There are over 90,000 trade & professional associations in the United States.

Trade organizations depend on dedicated individuals to commit extra time and resources outside of work toward the betterment of their industries. In addition to their daily responsibilities as executives, managers, and consultants, countless professionals serve as officers of local and national business associations. These volunteer positions often require travel to industry trade shows, conventions, conferences, and seminars.

Elections Are Critically Important But Time Consuming

Annual elections are critical to the health and development of any organization. But for industry trade groups and their members, time spent managing and voting in board elections is time not spent advancing the organization's agenda.

At ezVote, we cater to the unique voting needs of industry trade and professional associations. We understand the need for an election process that is swift, simple and convenient. ezVote's electronic voting platform makes it easy for any size organization to set up paperless online ballots, authenticate voters securely and confidentially, and immediately receive accurate, tamper-proof results.

ezVote Online Voting Solutions for Trade Associations

Here is just some of what we can do to help you make sure your trad associations go smoothly:

  • Easy online setup.
  • Vote from a computer, tablet or smart phone.
  • Certify results immediately at the close of your election.
  • 100% secure
  • 100% confidential
  • 100% paperless.

No printing, no mailing, no hand counting. Safe. Fast. Easy. That's ezVote.


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