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How to increase your Voter Participation Rate

by , 12/10/2018

How to Register to Vote Online with Ease

Voting online for public political elections in the United States is still not allowed. However, most states offer you the ability to register for absentee voting online. You can register and vote online if you are more than 65 years old, if you have a permanent disability or illness or if you are absent from your district due to school, employment and similar matters. If you are a member of a trade or professional organization, homeowners associations, fraternity, country club, school, church, civic organization, charity and similar, there are ways to select your leader through an online election. Thanks to automated electronic voting systems, members of a particular group or organization can participate in all matters without attending any meetings personally. E-voting is controlled by an election voting manager, and it is completely safe, meaning you will be provided with accurate results. Apart from being 100% secure, voters who elect their leaders online can vote with the convenience of their own time.

Fast and Easy Registration

To vote online, all you need to do is to log into your electronic voting platform, view your candidates or options and cast a ballot right from your mobile device, tablet or computer. Once you conduct an online election for your HOA or professional organization, you will increase voters’ participation, save money and represent your community or organization in a much better and efficient way. Before implementing this system, your leaders must be onboard and authorize online elections.

Choosing the Best E-Voting System

When opting for an electronic voting platform, have the following priorities in mind. Before you conduct an online election, all participants must receive instruction on how to cast an online vote. The electronic balloting platform you choose to use must allow voters to review forms, resumes, bios, and other official documents. The system must authenticate the identity of the voter and validate their vote. The system must provide all voters with a ballot receipt with a date/time stamp, user ID and ballot selections. The system must store all this information as an official record for matters of recounting, inspection, reviewing and reconciliation. The records should be kept around at least for one year. ezVote retains this information for you indefinitely.

Elections are a very private matter and just as regular voting, the online system you choose must be able to eliminate all identifying data from the ballot. You should have the option to not be able to trace a ballot to a voter. To ensure the elections are conducted in a proper and timely manner, your association or organization should always be in contact with the electronic voting system vendor. The vendor you choose should meet the proposed rules and technical requirements and set up your ballot. Once this is done, all members will receive an email that invites them to the election. After completing these steps, you will be able to enjoy a fast, convenient, and cost-effective way to engage the members of your association or club and increase your voter participation rate.

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